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Words often take on quite a remarkable meaning if we probe into their etymological formation. The two words of the title of this article are particularly significant when we relate them to the basic significance of two of the most essential factors in interpreting a birth-chart: the houses and the planets.
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Hindu Astrology Consultancy & Software details
Hindu Astrology, Consultany, Astrology Software, Numerology Software, Gemology Software, New Age, Pagan, occult
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Planetary Influences Relative to Consciousness details
I would like to give you an example of a trip I took to Greece in order to share the difference between the esoteric dynamics of astrology and the exoteric ones. We were going from Rhodes to Crete. I got to the airport in Rhodes and there were two doors with Greek lettering on them.
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Soul Signs : An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny details
Imagine a new system of finding people with whom you could be compatible, or who at least understand the nature of your interpersonal dynamic. Based on information channeled from her spirit guide Grey Eagle, spiritual medium Altea (The Eagle and the Rose) has written such a system based on "Soul Signs" or energy groups: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sulphur.
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Table to Show Traditional Orbs for Aspectual Contact details
"In traditional practice, the limits for aspectual contact are determined by the planets involved. The 17th century text of William Lilly mentions a divergence of opinion regarding the maximum limit set for each planet. He writes (CA., p107): "... I will againe insert the Table of the quantity of their Obs, ... they stand thus as I have found by the best Authors and my owne Experience.""
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The Tenth Planet details
On July 29 the boundaries of our solar system expanded by seven billion miles, as astronomers announced the discovery of a new planet in orbit around our Sun. The latest in a series of planet-like objects found by astronomers Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz, object 2003 UB313 is unique in that it is the first outer solar system object discovered that is bigger than Pluto.(1)
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