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"Right on cue, just as Saturn reaches its maximum tension in its cycle with Neptune today, the headlines screamed 'Market Meltdown'.
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An Overview of Business Astrology details
Business astrology is unique within the schools because it has two distinct and separate parts: consultation about business problems or questions; and also, market forecasting. Often when a person refers to their practice as "business astrology" they mean either one of these parts or the other.
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An Overview of Business Astrology details
There are eleven different schools of astrology, which, listed in no particular order are: natal, compatibility (or synastry), horary, electional, business, mundane (or judicial), medical, weather forecasting, rectification, event and esoteric.
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Astrology of Peak Oil: Part II, facing our demons details
Part II looks at the far side of the chart, where we find planets of transcendence and healing standing in opposition to those planets representing our collective shadow.
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Does a Lunar Cycle Affect Market Averages? details
This is an abridged version of a study that was conducted in 1994. The purpose of this paper is to derive a cycle relating the lunar cycle to an equity average. This cycle will then be evaluated for its profitability versus a buy-and-hold strategy. The results may be of interest to short-term traders with an interest in cyclic analysis.
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Welcome Home all Lightworkers, Star Seeds, and Divine Multidimensional Beings. |
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New Age T-Shirts, Gifts, Astrology and Self Empowerment details
T-shirts and gifts with new age themed artwork. Self Empowerment t-shirts, Zodiac t-shirts, funny, witty and beautiful t-shirts, new age and holistic gifts
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YouTube bought by Google - astrology point of view details
YouTube Inc. was founded on 14th of February 2005 on San Mateo California.
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