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Are You Missing Planets in One Element? details
What happens when you count all the planets in each element and one type is missing? Some astrologers claim that you are missing whatever it is that the particular element rules.
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Astrology and The Four Elements details
Astrology uses the elemental sign of an individual as one of it's delineation tools.
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Elemental Analysi details
The ancients conceived of four elements that made up the universe: fire, earth, air and water. These elements became the basic building blocks of science, philosophy and astrology.
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Elements details
Description of sign elementes and qualities: cardinal/fixed/mutable , fire/earth/air/water, active/receptive.
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Modes of Activity details
In describing a personality, it's important to check the mode of activity or the manner that a person adapts to circumstances in his/her environment.
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Nuances: more about the zodiac signs details
The planets manifest their energy-principles in all sorts of hues, tones and manners of phrase, filtered according to the sequence of the zodiac signs.
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