Guess What? Our Sun Has A Sibling!

A team of scientists led by University of Texas, Austin, astronomer Ivan Ramirez have identified a star that they believe is one of many siblings our sun has floating around the Universe. Formed 4.5 billion years ago from the same large interstellar cloud that gave birth to our sun, it is 15% larger and lies 110 light-years away in the constellation Hercules. Though not visible with the unaided eye, HD 162826 that lies close to bright star Vega, can be easily viewed with low-power binoculars.

The team began its research by investigating 30 possible candidates that had been found by various groups around the world that are also on similar quests. In addition to performing a chemical analysis of each star, they also studied their respective orbits before coming to the conclusion that HD 162826 was the one that had been born from the same gas and dust system as our sun.

Coincidentally, McDonald Observatory astronomers in West Texas have been studying HD 162826 for over 15 years – While they had no clue it was related to our sun, they do know that it does not have any hot Jupiter-sized planets orbiting close to the star. This however does not rule out the possibility that HD 162826 hosts some earth-size planets that harbor alien life.

While the find is certainly exciting, the team, who plan to publish their study in the June 1st edition of the Astrophysical Journal, believes this is just the first of many siblings our sun has. Professor Ramirez theorizes that 4.5 billion years ago, the sun was part of a cluster of a thousand or perhaps even hundred thousand stars. The cluster has since broken away and scattered to various parts of the Milky Way and mingled with the billions of other stars – Some like the HD 162826 have remained relatively close, whilst others are much farther away.

How To Use Wind Chimes In Feng Shui To Enhance Your Luck

Feng Shui cures have been around for centuries, and as traditional Chinese beliefs put it, these remedies have also been tried and tested for their effectiveness in improving many aspects of life. Even more importantly, Feng Shui has served as an essential guide for many modern homes and businesses, through the use of many Feng Shui enhancers. One such item that every home or office should have is what they call the Feng Shui wind chimes.

The disciplines that fall under Feng Shui are generally concerned about the flow of chi, which is the life energy, in every person or place. To be able to get good luck or good health, there must lie a perfect balance of the life forces that surround you and your home or work place. According to Feng Shui sources, if there is an imbalance of chi in the body, one can feel unwell or acquire diseases. In addition to that, if an imbalance of chi is present in the business, it may not be very profitable. Feng Shui windchimes, like many other Feng Shui remedies, serve to enhance the flow of chi and harness it to your benefit.

Feng Shui windchimes, as many people would initially see them, are attractive and hold aesthetic value as decorations in the home. Not only that, but wind chimes produce tones that are soothing and relaxing. Even after a long and tiring day at work, one will definitely feel more refreshed and calmed when the tinkling sounds of windchimes are heard. However, as Feng Shui products, wind chimes are beyond just beautiful home d├ęcor or soothing music makers.

Feng Shui windchimes help distribute the flow of chi into your home in an even or balanced fashion, because too little or too much chi in one area is generally not ideal. For instance, if a street begins or ends facing the front door of the house, there is too much strong chi coming in. Placing Feng Shui wind chimes will help soften the chi and allow it to enter the house gradually. Here is another example, if a portion of your home is lower than other parts, such as the patio or a deck, chi does not easily flow there. As Feng Shui cures, you can bring more chi into this part of your house by hanging windchimes outdoors.

Feng Shui wind chimes are made from various materials, and you can select them based on how attractive they are, their size, and the quality of sound they produce. Some Feng Shui items can be made of metal, wood, ceramics, clay, and others. You may also do additional reading or consult a practitioner to find the most appropriate Feng Shui enhancers for your home.